Not Business as Usual

Words and Photos - Evan Mery

What: Documentary Screening  - Not Business as Usual

Where: Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street Northcote 3070

When: Friday 22 May, 6:30 pm

Who: Hosted by Victorian Fair Trade Festival and Moral Fair Ground

Guest panel speakers:

Tom Quinn, Executive Director, Future Business Council

James Meldrum, Founder, Whole Kids

Joel Cranshaw, Founding Director, Clearpoint Counsel

In today's capitalist fueled society, businesses primarily focus on putting a product or service to the market with the goal of making money. This vision often leads to capitalism being viewed as some sort of evil, where environmental concerns are thrown aside for pure financial gain. In the past few years however a new capitalist structure for businesses has emerged called the B-Corporation. Here people and the planet are placed on an equal footing with profit. Not Business as Usual explores this new and rapidly growing trend and highlights how businesses can change the world for the better. The evening concluded with a panel discussion with three speakers, that provided an even more in depth look into the inner workings of a B Corporation.