Video Production - Platform Eight Artists - Swift &CRTL V

PAINT, the third part in Melbourne Arts Club's series DRAW BUILD PAINT SCREEN SHOOT took over Ruffian Gallery in Footscray.  Sister and brother duo Swift & CTRL V gave it to the gallery walls and the blokes from Platform Eight film it.


[vimeo width="500" height="281"]105738413[/vimeo]

Melbourne Arts Club exhibition series is set-up to showcase the best of a specific medium, so just because PAINT was in a gallery, doesn't mean we can't give you street art.  Swift & CRTL V create colourful creatures, giving them life in Melbourne's lanes and alley's.  We first learned of Swift & CRTL V from their creation 'Rainbow Slothie' exhibited at Small Works, Brunswick Street Gallery. This magical creature warmed our hearts, the colours and life in Slothie's eyes sent us down the river of love.  Keep your eyes out for Swift & CRTL V when strolling Melbourne's laneways and we will be sure to bring you more from this shit hot duo soon.

Thank you to Platform Eight, more colabs on the way.