Words - J Forsyth Film clip - Peter Ewing.

Peter Ewing is a legend, no one is disputing that. But at a time when the man may be going through a conversation crisis his creative talents have kicked in like super senses.  No, he can't smell you from 4km away but he can sing, play music and make film clips.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.02.28 pm


Hexham Vox are playing at New Years Evie along side Fraser A. Gorman ( or Gorperson if you're being PC), Teeth and Tounge and The Harpoons, ticket available HERE!

Watch the film clip for Anymore and I will let you in on a little secret....

Peter made this with a phone and an olive oil bottle, all in a days work I reckon.  Check out more from Peter at his Band Camp site.

No busy Sunday?  Head down to the 3RRR BBQ day and see Peter playing with a bunch of other talented legends, eat sausages and support community radio, cos thats the type of person you are.



EVIE - poster art