Once Were Pirates at Melbourne Fringe Festival

Words - Julia Howland

Photos - Lachlan Woods

Once Were Pirates was a look into the lives of pirates once removed. The withdrawals of the open sea, the yearning for freedom and the stark realisation that if one came across someone who rubs you the wrong way, you CANNOT kill them.

Or can you?

Once Were Pirates 2_credit Lachlan Woods

Once Were Pirates 1_credit Lachlan Woods

Shane and Gareth give civilised life a go; job interviews, game shows and even a few collard shirts! But let's face it, the real world sucks. And being a pirate is just way cooler.

Written by Daniel Czech, starring James Cook and Ben Clements. They look super serious in these photos but I have a feeling they'd be fun to go boozing with. As long as they brought the parrot and the sword.

Once Were Pirates 3_credit Lachlan Woods

Show: Once Were Pirates

Location: Northcote Town Hall

Dates: 17 to 28 September @ 7pm, Sundays @ 6pm