Photos - Brad Williamson

What: Photography Studies College graduate show, Thirty One

Where: OK LA Gallery, 15-25 Keele St, Collingwood

When: Thursday December 17th

ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_01 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_02

Why: The guys and gals at PSC have been waiting three long years for this night and they wanted to share it with everyone!

Artists include: Alexandra Bishop, Amanda Penrose, Cassandra Tzortzoglou, Charlotte Clynes, Chloe Smith, Claire Blankendaal, Clare Steele, Coby Baker, Daniel Burke, Darcy Moore, David Biasi, Dee Ferraro, Emily Horne, Emily Tucci, Gabrielle Gadsden, Hayley Meurs, Jordan Madge, Katie Hannah Smith, Laura Scholfield, Lou Illingworth, Lucie McGough, Monica Sargious, Nathan Larkin, Olivia Mroz, Patrick O’Neill, Piers Fitton, Raquel Betiz, Riley Gentle, Sophie Gabrielle and Theo Olariu


ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_03 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_04 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_05 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_06 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_07 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_08 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_09 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_10 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_11 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_12 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_13 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_14 ThirtyOne_opening_17.12.2015_15