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WHAT: Rachael Boon Wallace solo exhibition

WHERE: Melbourne Arts Club Gallery, 1/176 High Street, Preston, Gallery 1

WHEN: Opening night 1 May 6pm - 10pm. Exhibition - 1 May - 14 May, 2015.

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WHO: Rachael Boon Wallace first solo exhibition is a collection of paintings created since moving to Melbourne from Sydney three years ago. Hailing from the central coast NSW she has painted from a young age. A self-taught artist forgoing formal training to forge a career in the restaurant trade.

This exhibition is a collection of abstract shapes, still life, cityscapes and creatures created as Rachael has mapped out her own path into Melbourne life. Rachael often paints on a canvas three of four times until she gets the texture and depth she is after. Rachael has painted a mural at Melbourne Art Club gallery which will remain permanently and painted a wall in the gallery to coincide with the exhibition.

Rachael has previously exhibited in the Melbourne Arts Club Launch Exhibition and in PAINT, 2014.

Rachael Boon Wallace

WHY: Rachael is a talent that needs to be shown and supported. A natural painter, who has chosen a completely different career, yet can find time to create striking, original and just fucking great works over and over again. Melbourne Arts Club will be supporting Rachael and continually bringing you her new work until she takes over the world.

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Rachael Boon Artist Profile from Melbourne Arts Club on Vimeo.

Instagram - @Rachael_Boonwallace