Samuel Wagan Watson, Smoke Encrypted Whispers,  24 March, Melbourne Recital Centre Words - Julia Howland

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 9.49.00 AMImage courtesy of the Melbourne Recital Centre

So yea we all know you love your graffiti and your sexually ambiguous illustrations and all that free booze that comes along to all of these exhibitions but let's talk about something you may not be very inclined to ride that fixie for: poetry and classical music.

We had the chance to catch up with the talented poet, Samuel Wagan Watson, this morning who has reinstated our faith in humans and gave a heads up on his trip to Melbourne this weekend.

Smoke Encypted Whispers is the beautiful meeting of his limitless poetry and 23 composers from Southern Cross Soloists and read by Ron Haddrick.

Its one of the best things we've ever heard and we think you should listen too.

So buy tickets and get here by whatever means necessary.

Stay tuned for our interview with Samuel and follow-up on the nights performance.

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Thanks to  The Australian National Academy of Music or ANAM's for the heads up.  Peeps, ANAM is KILLING IT, more to come on these guys.