Sand Castles by Emma McEvoy

Photos: J Forsyth What: 'Sand Castles', an exhibition by Emma McEvoy, is set in an old rundown house in the heart of Fitzroy. Hanging inside the house are large framed prints from Emma's visit to the abandoned town of Kolmanskop in the Namibian desert. And the house itself is the Sand Castle.

Sand Castles-39

Where: 3 Hertford St, Fitzroy

When: Opening night 31 March 6pm - 8pm. Exhibition 1-3 April.

Why: It's not often an independent exhibition attracts as many viewers on a Sunday morning as it did on opening night! The crowds were more booze-and-bikes when it kicked off on Thursday, whereas three days later - thanks to some amazing and well deserved media coverage  - it was made up more of the pram and pet weilding variety. In any case, the mass appeal certainly says something about just how fucking good this exhibition was!

Fun fact - on Sunday morning, the SOLD real estate sign and crowd outside had more than one interested viewer ask, "Is this the exhibition or is this a house auction?"

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