Stargazed: In Search Of Lost Time

Words and Photos: Evan Mery @dream_offal

What: Stargazed: In Search Of Lost Time

Where: Rubix Warehouse, 36 Phoenix Street, Brunswick 3056

When: Saturday 1 August, 5pm - 1am


Who: Presented by The Music, The Craft and Casual Band Blogger

Musical acts

Fierce Mild BREVE Baptism of Uzi Hideous Towns vhs dream Uncle Bobby Dada Ono DJ Set from MAX WOLF

Video art installation (curated by Stephanie Peters)

Amie Anderson Darcy Gladwin Yasmin Keany Erin Kirkpatrick Stephanie Peters Jutta Pryor Ricardo Sabbatini Dermot Seller Dougal Shaw Jon Tucker Penny Van Hazelberg Alana West Max Wolf


Why: What's the best possible way to escape the winter chill on a Saturday night? By seeing artistic talent from musicians and video artists together in a night of psychedelic, shoegaze and ambient visuals! Stargazed drenched the stage in a multitude of colours that blended perfectly with the sound and style of the performing bands.

Stargazed-5 Stargazed-12Stargazed-7 Stargazed-3Stargazed-4 Stargazed-1 Stargazed-15 Stargazed-8