Strange Neighbour,  395-397 Gore Street Fitzroy Words and Photos - Julia Howland

So yea, White Night kinda stole the show this weekend but I got a chance to check out Todd Anderson-Kunert's exhibition, the situation we're in, at Strange Neighbour and it was brilliant!


First of all, I didn't have to push through 500,000 and secondly I wasn't being yelled at by 17 year old drunks. No, this was a bit more civilised and it was definitely one of the more interesting exhibitions I've been to.

The photos themselves were comfortingly personal: those nonchalant episodes of ones day to day life consisting of an old half melted candle, dented bins and the reminence of a celebratory cake with friends. Looking at this images made you think you had found a forgotten role of film and couldn't remember what was on it, but when you finally waited that long hour to get them developed (or if you are skilled enough to develop yourself), lost memories began flooding your mind.


But it wasn't just the photos, it was how they were presented, hanging from the ceiling at different angles and lengths creating a floating world of whimsy and familiarity. Couple this with a methodic electric spider (or maybe octopus?) humming deep bass into the outer limits and it feels like a forced adventure into the subconscious.

strange_neigbour-4 Enter reality and instead of roaming through the forgotten, I'm still in Fitzroy, surrounded by babes drinking bubbles. Can't lose.