Studio Osk, 2 Lux way, Brunswick Words and photos - J Forsyth

Studio Osk is an interdisciplinary design studio working in architecture, urbanisation and public art.   Studio Osk came to our attention in 2012 with their first solo exhibition Fundamental landscapes at Dear Patti Smith Gallery.

FEATURE-OSK Design Studio-3

Working out of the Lux foundry building in Brunswick, Studio Osk is architects Ben Waters and Will Loft and artist Tom Pendergast.  Creating a Pozible campaign to help fund their new project, the boys will be travelling to Berlin to live and work at the centre for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U). During their stay they will design and build a temporary pavilion type structure made from scaffolding and other construction materials.   The Pavilion will be used for exhibitions, performances, workshops, and film screenings showing local and international work.

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Donate $100 to the campaign you can have your work shown in the Pavilion, which is an amazing way to get your art seen internationally, for a fraction of the cost, while helping other artists.  If $100 is out of your price range, smaller donations get equally awesome rewards.

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To DONATE to their Pozible campaign, click the link If you are a bit strapped for cash, share it around to those who may want to throw some money towards these lovely lads and help support this awesome project.

For more on Studio Osk's public art projects check out their website


140203_zku pavilion

140202_zku pavilion axo