Sunday Arvo's in July, Copacabana International, 139 Smith Street, Fitzroy. Week One

If you have no interest in having a really annoying song planted in your head then finish reading now.  But if you want to hear about Sunday Arvo's in July and haven't read our q&a with Ali Bird the creator, then let your eyes go forth.

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Starting last Sunday 6 July at the Copa, Copacabana, Ali Birth and Aarght records presented Dick Diver, Heirophants, The Steve Miller Band and Dj's Mikey Young and Joe Kokomo ( 3RRR).

Cheap Bloody Mary's, Uncle Dougie’s BBQ and vegan cupcakes from sweethearts Sweetie Pie and Cuddle Cakes, running from 12pm - 6pm the line-up for the next few Sundays can be found HERE

More info on Ali Bird and how these daytime gigs came about can be found HERE. sunday arvo01

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