The Paterson Project

Photos - Evan Mery Words - J Forsyth

WHAT: The Paterson Project 100 artists. 3 floors. 1 night.

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WHERE: The Paterson Building, 173 - 181 Smith Street, Collingwood.

WHEN: Friday 6 March , 6pm - late.

WHO: 100 street artists covering the walls, including Adnate, Rone, Mayo, Lucy Lucy, Losop and way too many more to mention. Boywolf, Redbubble, Just Another Agency, Crumpler and a bunch of other rad businesses jumped on board to sponsor the project and of course the big winner for the night was The Royal Children's Hospital.

WHY: Why the fuck not! Ok, I kind of want to say that about all art but in this case I REALLY mean it.  The Royal Children's Hospital is a charity that everyone can get behind.  What a cool and almost surreal partnership,  Street Art, a derelict building and sick kids.  I'm calling it, this is the project of the year! The Paterson Project will you marry me!

If you missed the opening, Evan got in early to shoot the work before it got way too busy.

You can still donate HERE! 

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