Words - Tim

What: Theeb

Where: Lido Cinemas Hawthorn 

When: Now

Country: Jordan

Directed by: Naji Abu Nowar

Language: Arabic (subtitled)

theeb4 An Arab Western, Theeb tackles the themes that made the genre a classic. An encroaching railway has stopped the pilgrims coming through and the land is now wild. Theeb's older brother is given the task of guiding an Englishman to wells, but never told why beyond that. Theeb follows them - though he is too young to survive in the wild.

Theeb's development is predictably laid out in the format that always seems to earn Oscar nods (and Theeb scored one at the most recent Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film). And that's it, really - it's a very Oscar worthy film which means it's safe and character driven, and if you like that? You'll like Theeb. While at times it's a little too simple, it's nevertheless heartfelt.

Theeb is a great film for a second date, or perhaps to take your well travelled Aunty to.

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Theeb will be playing at Lido Cinema in Hawthorn