Artist Inquisition: Unwell Bunny

We're back! And we're getting right back into things with an interview with one excellent guy who you've almost definitely seen around. As part of our ongoing Artist Inquisition series we spoke to Unwell Bunny whose solo exhibition 'Super Psychology' is opening Friday January 13 2017 at Besser Space in Collingwood. 'Super Psychology'  looks into the American psyche and transforms our perception of the female form. After spending 6 weeks in America, Unwell Bunny has brought  a fresh perspective to his practice here in Melbourne.


Unwell Bunny opens 'Super Psychology' Friday January 13 @ Besser Space

Tell us about your upcoming exhibition. Why did you want to explore this theme?

Super Psychology is the name of my up coming exhibition at Besser Space in Melbourne. It is an investigation into the American Psyche after six weeks of travel through the US. The work has two parts an inward subconscious part based on American attitude and fast food psychology, and an out ward observational part, which came from putting these American works on the studio wall and having a female pose in front of them. It created an interesting new dimension, seeing the work, which was more expressive and imaginative as a supporting element to the figurative shape, which gave it humanity and immediacy.

How long have you been creating art?

I am from Adelaide originally; I grew up painting graffiti, and used this as an outlet early on as a youth expressing myself in what was at the time a pretty conservative city. I’ve done some art, creative, and conceptual study since, and I’ve also traveled quite a bit, so the influences have changed in many ways over the years. My Grandma was an art historian PHD and both my parents are architects, so art was a big part of my surrounds growing up, we had books on Geoffrey Smart, Brett Whitley, Leunig and art history in our house when we were young. I always used drawing to express the time I was in and the experiences I was having.

Unwell Bunny - Super Psychology - 2016

What's your favorite thing about being an artist?

Investigation into the human condition. Its one of my favorite things to question why we do what we do, what motivates us, moves us forward, what triggers our decision making, why we are influenced by what we are, what drives our nature. So perhaps my favorite part of being artistically minded is more in the philosophic investigation than the actual creating. In a way I almost see the creating, as visual recording.

What's your least favorite thing?

Being sensitive, thinking too much about things, and over analyzing. Sometimes I think it would be easier to join the pack, go through the motions of fitting in perfectly, not disrupt, and play by someone else’s rules. It would make life a lot easier. It would make things a lot more straightforward.

How does Melbourne influence you?

The changing nature of the city is a constant influence. The edginess, and progressiveness. The creativity that pumps out of it, and fills your mind continuously. I have lived in Amsterdam in Europe; I keep coming back to Melbourne. It is a gateway to the world, and always offers up new thought provoking inspiration.

Unwell Bunny - Death burger _ 2016

Who or what do you turn to for inspiration on days when creativity just isn't flowing?

These days are hard. I’ve learnt not to try to hard, I normally look at books. Books can stimulate interest in other things, other artists, other perspectives, other points of view. Absorbing all sorts of things can then provoke stimulus. Lateral connections are made. Then things happen. Almost like a tap turning on.

Do you have a favorite artist? Or maybe a favorite genre/theme?

George Condo is one of my favorite artists right now. He uses a mix of graphic, cubist, expressive and abstract stylistic traits. It’s very emotional and raw. I’m also heavily into neo cubism, mainly because its not fully understood as it’s still evolving and is evolutionary. It’s like using a filter on your smart phone. I want to better harness different ways of describing everyday situations.

What's the worst piece of advice you've ever been given?

That’s a hard one. Get good grades perhaps? I don’t know what grades have to do with life so I never really understood that one.

Unwell Bunny - Attitude - 2016

What else do you do besides create excellent artwork?

I like heading down to the beach every now and then. I like keeping fit, although I’m doing an average sort of job currently. I love film, and culture, I love collecting art and books. I like philosophic discussions, where no one has to be right, but everyone likes delving deeper.

And finally, what are your plans this year?

Be even more creative.

That's always the best kind of plan. Thanks mate!


'Girl' 2016


In the studio with Unwell Bunny

'True Conflict' 2016

'American Girls' 2016


'Super Psychology' opens Friday January 13 @ Besser Space

Unwell Bunny – Super Psychology opens at Besser Space on the 13th of January in Melbourne. (More info here)

For more info and to follow Unwell Bunny: Website: Email: Instagram: @unwellbunny

--- Words: Julia Howland Images: Courtesy of the gallery/artist

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