Weekdays and Monday Week Gallery, 685 Nicholson Street North Carlton Words - J Forsyth 

Photos - J Forsyth and Daniel Grixti

Monday Week, or Mundee week if you grew up where I did, is an art gallery filling the shop front of Weekdays Design Studio, North Carlton. For Weekdays director Todd Vanneste, the gallery was created to pull together all those things you say you will do...Monday Week.  The space operates with emerging and established artists in mind, working to be accessible with an online gallery to cover all bases.

Monday-week-article-lr-7I chatted with Todd and Danny of Weekdays and gallery manager Sophie about Monday Week’s place in the arts community and what Weekdays does.  The Studio is as interesting as the gallery.  A multi-faced design business working across a variety of mediums, one being sign-writing.  Amazing and unique examples cover the walls of the studio.  Todd chatted candidly about being self-taught and his love for design.  When asked why he painted the huge beer sign he basically said, “Because I can”.  Todd loves what he does so much that he spent the weekend painting and the beer sign was his masterpiece.


The “physical gallery” as the guys call it has hosted artists like Alastair Mooney who you all know we LOVE.  The latest opening Lateral, Linimal housed a buzzing, fun, interesting and NICE crowd.  Todd and Sophie chatted amongst the punters and the babe serving drinks made me laugh on more than one occasion, KILLING IT!

Monday-week-article-lr-5Oh and the art. Lateral, Liminal explores the notion of lateral construction and liminal experience.  Featuring artists Pirrin Francis, Julian Hocking, Nito Dos Santos, Nicholas Ives, Kristian Laemmle-Ruff. Running for just a few more days, I implore you to get down now, not Monday week and check it out.  The physical space is open Tuesday to Friday 2pm – 6pm.


The online gallery can be viewed HERE. 

For more on Weekdays check out their site and join the mailing list to keep up to date with future exhibitions at Monday Week Gallery.


Thank you to Daniel Grixti for the Lateral, Liminal opening night photography.