Words - Julia Howland Photos - Nic Synott, Julia Howland

Julia's Do's and Don'ts of White Night

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Go....but go after 1am.

Create a battle plan. Wandering around trying to find the goodies is not an option.

Inebriation is key. Trust me, sobriety with 500,000 drunks is NOT fun.

Ride your push bike, skateboard or magic carpet to avoid public transport.

Take a break and tuck into a bar.

Be nice. Stop pushing and shoving and yelling at each other! What's the point?!

Be smart. I'm sorry that you don't get into the city often but I do. I would appreciate a steady walking pace and for you NOT to stop in the middle of the street.

Enjoy. There has been a tremendous amount of effort put into this event and its for all of us to appreciate.

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Go hungry or thirsty. I'm not saying you shouldn't support the vendors but be prepared to wait in line. So bring a snack!

Wear heels or uncomfortable footwear. Do I need to explain this? And I totally accept that fact that this makes me sound like a nana.

Yell at me for accidently being in your selfie photo shoot. You're surrounded by 500,000 people. Shut it.

Rely on network coverage. This year was actually ok, with only a couple trip ups in sending texts, etc, but we all remember how last year was so plan ahead.

Instagram 45 photos one after the other after the other after the other.....We all know you're at White Night and chances are I've already seen 200 other photos of Flinders Station. Take a few cool ones and wait until the next day. Otherwise I'm unfollowing you.

Get too inebriated, for fear of being one of THOSE people.

THROW STUFF! Again, basic etiquette. Mind your manners.

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