Wreck Yo'Self #147

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Wreck Yo’Self… We dare you!

Wednesday 29 March:

Melbourne International Comedy Festival begins! Here are a couple goodies to check out this week/weekend: Cam Venn - Balls DeepErin Hutchinson - Please Come Closer (Don't Touch Me)Michael Shafar - Jewish-ish, and The Desperettes - A Guide to Being a Wingman.

Thursday 30 March:

BSide Gallery: Lousy Show, presented by Ruskidd and Mike Eleven, is a group show with over 40 artists who have used Lousy Ink, a 100% recycled material made from old inkjet printer ink.  Opening from 6-10pm. [Fitzroy]

BLINDSIDE: for its thirteenth year in a row, DEBUT XIII, brings together some of the best fine art graduates around. Open from 6-8pm. [CBD]

The Goodness BureauOpening night for Everything Is Not Ok But I Hope You Will Be by Gemma Flack. Open from 7-10pm [Thornbury]

Friday 31 March:

Backwoods Gallery: Stroke by Jun Inoue and Shun Kawakami opens from 6pm. [Collingwood]

CAVES: Ewoud Van Rijn opens his solo exhibition from 6pm. [CBD]

Alternating Current Art Space: a group show featuring Janice Gobey, Zamara Lea Robison, Deana Mosca, Michele Donegan and (as a collective) Maddison Anderson, Giulia Disipio, and Jacqueline Rossetti. Opening from 6pm. [Windsor]

No Vacancy Gallery: Pretty Ugly Butterfly is David Porteus' third solo exhibition. Opens from 6-9pm. [CBD]

Lulu Café & Gallery: Presents ShitGardens II, an exhibition featuring curated and submitted images with a kitsch themed pop-up bar. From 6pm [Nth Melbourne)

Saturday 1 April:

Boom Gallery: a series of fortunate exhibitions opening from 2-4pm. [Newton]

Nicholas Thompson Gallery: Karla Marchesi opens After Nature, from 6pm. [Collingwood]

Words: Julia Howland Images: Courtesy of the artist/gallery. All rights reserved