Words - Julia Howland Photos - Courtesy of the gallery

Ok, ok. I've finally stopped looking at Kim Kardashian's ass. It's just...I don't...Like how does she function in everyday life?! It's so BIG!

Anyways, here's what else is happening this week. And if you haven't been to any IPF stuff, well you're clearly as obsessed with butts as I am. But take a second away and get out there!


Thursday 13 November

CCP is leading the way in this whole photography thing....if you haven't noticed! CCP Salon is in its 22 year, so go check out the goods people. It's great and starts at 6pm!


No Vacancy Gallery serves up another banger with POST CODE PARTY, an exploration into Australian identity. Check it out opening night from 6-9pm

Christopher Handran's Time Lapse and Celeste Aldahn's Maiden, Mother, Crone opens at Blindside from 6-8pm

Friday 14 November

OH GAWD! MELBOURNE MUSIC WEEK STARTS TONIGHT!!!!! Yes yes YES! Go to the website and just do everything. Seriously. But things will be kicking off at Queen Vic Market tonight at 7pm

Juddy Roller Studios is back with a bit of a face lift and not surprisingly pumping out some incredible group shows. Check out L'échange Urbain, which will be their last show of the year! From 6pm

And once you finish at Juddy Roller, head over to the lovelies at Brunswick Street Gallery for another excellent group show from 6pm on.

Saturday 15 November

One of our faves from MMW last year of Morning Ritual. Coffee, tunes and lovely folk. Starts at 10:30, so don't go too hard on Friday night! Or just stay up?

Neospace opens Darcey Bella Arnold's quintessential Australian exhibition, Yeah Nah, from 3-5pm

The Renegade Pub Football League is holding their annual Ball Fundraiser at Pentridge Prison .  We support the shit our of these guys as so many of the players are musicians, artists and art-lovers. Tickets price includes booze, food and music with The Ape, featuring Tex Perkins playing.


We also think it's our responsibility to get you guys out of the northside once in a while and show you what's happening else where. That's why you should check out Charles Nodrum Gallery from 4-6pm to check out James Gleeson's work. Super psychedelic and a pretty special collection of works.


Wreck Yo'Self, we dare you.