Words - Julia Howland Photos - J Forsyth

Guys, we're spent. This year has been super real and super fun. Thanks for partying with us. Get that Christmas shopping done, drink your weight in some nice bubbles and eat ham until you explode.

We love you.


Friday 19 December

Brunswick Street Gallery opens 40 X 40 from 6pm - 9pm, prizes announced, wooo prizes!

Our old mates at Knowles Gallery are opening Matthew Domenic Salvo's Retrospective from 6pm

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch

Saturday 20 December

Those beauties at The Good Copy are having their Christmas EXTRAVAGANZA from 11-4pm. Sofia Coco's FIRST EVER exhibition, Odd Socks is opening as well so swing by this one


Sunday 21 December

If you haven't heard Pete Ewing's Hexham vox then you're probably not hanging around with the right kind of people. Or maybe they are a bit TOO right, if ya know what I mean? Check them out at the Labour in Vain from 6pm and hang out with us!


Monday 22 December

FAH-SHUN! Get into before all the good shit's gone! First Kissis showcasing heaps of legendary designers. Just in time to buy YOURSELF that special something, from 7:30pm


Wreck Yo'Self, we dare you.