Words - Julia Howland Photos - Courtesy of the gallery

What is WITH people this week!? And if you say its a full moon, you're part of the problem.

I think most people are just inherently jerks.

Anyway, here's some cool shit to do this weekend.


Thursday 5 March

MARS Gallery opens a couple with Mia Salsjo's The New Age is a Cult, Polly Stanton's Undercurrents & David Burrows' Lucent from 6-9pm. [Windsor]

Lisa Radford opens Approx. Geez Louise at Sutton Gallery from 6-8pm. [Fitzroy]

Anna Pappas Gallery opens a double zinger! Sam Fagan's A Line Between & Sam Hodge's Buzz Kill from 6pm. [Prahran]

Sam Hodge

Fort Delta starts this month off with a group opening: Shane McGrath's Don't Shoot, Adrienne Millwood & Angus Baird's Shared Hallucinations & Yvette Coppersmith's Summer Arrangements. From 6pm. [CBD]

Chapter House Lane offers up some fine tunes and finer paintings from Caroline Kennedy-McCracken from 6pm. [CBD]

Caroline KennedyMcCracken

Stunning work from a young artist, Paige deVanny at Hogan GallerySkin & Colour opens from 6pm. [Collingwood]

Friday 6 March

Caroline Collom gives us her abstract perspective with Between the Lines at Five Walls Projects from 6-8pm. [Footscray]


OMFG. Just get to Brunswick Street Gallery. There's a million beautiful things to look at. From 6-9pm. [Fitzroy]

Gian Manik opens an exciting new project at CAVES. From 6-8pm. [CBD]

Oh GAWD! There are so many goodies at West Space! Including Beth Rose Caird's Rules for Leaving a Small Crowd. Get there from 6-8pm and see them all! [CBD]

Uncertainty by Morgan Mahtobnikcih opens at N/A Space from 6-8pm. [Brunswick]

The Good Copy is at it again!!! Swing by for some tunes, beers, babes and publications. From 6pm. [Fitzroy]

Man oh man. Talk about  dooooooozie! The Paterson Project is going to be one hell of an event. The best street art from around the world will be coming together to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital. Don't pass this one by. From 6pm. [Collingwood]

paterson project


Wreck Yo'Self, we dare you.