Melbourne Arts Club’s 'What’s On' list of art stuff and other such things.

Words - Julia Howland

Photos - Courtesy of the gallery and J Forsyth

Thursday 26 March

CCP holds one of their legendary talks about photography, technology, being excellent and emerging creativity. And this one is free! So get down by 6pm [Fitzroy]

Kelvin Lau

Fah-shun! It's still happening, even if the festival is gone. Check out the rad digs by OKOK  and Kindling at their joint on Johnston St, from 5:30 [Collingwood]

Tinning St gives us Tateru, a collaboration between Paul Gorman and Takahiko Sugawara from 6-9pm [Brunwsick]

Friday 27 March

Strange Neighbour says a sad goodbye to Peter Milne's Juvenilia, come say goodbye as well! Drinks and chin wags from 7-9pm [Fitzroy]

Visual Communication is an experiment in translation and at one of our favourite spaces, Allpress Studio. Give it a whirl from 6pm [Collingwood]


Arty Party #3!!!! Just get there and everything will start to make sense. From 7.30 [Brunswick]

Saturday 28 March

Redbubble Masterclasses bring you 'Art of Collaboration with Creature Creature' at the Redbubble HQ book here! 10am - 12pm [CBD] Go, learn, be awesome!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.02.45 am

Arts Project Australia has a couple of goodies to offer up: Ruth Howard's solo show and a group show just to make us laugh, That's Funny! From 3-5pm [Northcote]

The Juddy Roller legends are at it again. Get out of the city for a tick and check out the excellent works by your favourites at the Wall to Wall Festival Launch [Benalla]

Art Town is back! Constant art all around you! Get into it from 11am through til Sunday [Chapel St Precinct]

Gallerysmith Project Space opens For the Love of Colour, a group show. From 6pm [North Melbourne]

For the Love of Colour

Hessian Mag babes are back with ish #2! Get it and get to the party. You know it will be rad. Tickets here. From 6-11pm [Abbotsford]

Sunday 29 March

Block parties are the best! Especially when there's art, music, food & good reasons behind it. Anstey Village Better Block Party has all of these things! YES! Get into it from 12-7pm [Brunswick]

Next Week Stuff


Monday 30 March

PS50 opens a group show: Creative Blossoms / / Concerned with Functions / / Satisfaction / / Colour Culture from 5pm [Carlton]

Tuesday 31 March

Live & free music at Long Play! And I'm sure you don't have anything better to do on a Tuesday night. From 7:30 [North Fitzroy]

Wednesday 1 April

BATMANIA!?!?! Don't ask questions, just be there. From 7pm sharp! [CBD]


Wreck Yo'Self, we dare you.



And don't forget, Melbourne Arts Club loves you xx