Melbourne Arts Club’s ‘What’s On’ list of art stuff and other such things.

Words - Julia Howland

Photos - Courtesy of the gallery & J Forsyth


Thursday 2 April

CAVES gallery gives us a glimpse at the lunar eclipse with Danica Chappell's That's Our Shadow on the Moon. From 6-8pm [CBD]

The legends at Just Another Agency are teaming up with Das Automat to get us into killer tees. Check out the magic at Just Another Project Space, from 6-9pm [Prahran]


Hogan Gallery opens their inaugural Expressionisn exhibition, with works by Alvin VelasquezCarolyn O’Neill, Citrus Knightshade, Hayey Millar, Jacqui Conias, Joanne Braddy, Matthew Woliansky & Mark Cowell. From 6pm [Collingwood]

Daine Singer opens Antonia Sellbach's Forms of Lifewith essays and a catalogue, from 6-8pm [CBD]

MAILBOX offers up some goods: Cheralyn Lim's White Knuckles from 6-8pm [CBD]

Shadow Electric Season Finale!!! Don't miss out kids. From 6pm [Abbotsford]

Chapter House Lane is showing off some of Tarik Ahlip's sculptures as part of his show, Negative. From 6-8pm [CBD]

Friday 3 April

Fawn Gallery babes are opening a beauty: Dream State a group show by Sophie Banh, Anita Lester, Korina Soraya & Nicola Mitchell. From 7pm [Collingwood]


Ok you filthy hipsters, here are some polaroids for you to drool over. Photonet Gallery is showing Polariod Resurrection by FilmNeverDie. From 7-9pm [Fairfield]

Ian Haig opens Video Nasty at Strange Neighbour from 6-9pm. [Fitzroy]

One of our faves: Backwoods Gallery shows off Stephen Ives' Fragments, from 6pm. [Collingwood]



Art Town on chapel street, its a street and there will be art and other such things, more info here [South Yarra/Prahran]


C3 gallery opens In The Dark I see 6pm - 8pm [Abbotsford]


Wreck Yo’Self

We dare you.



And don’t forget, Melbourne Arts Club loves you xx