WRECK YO’SELF. This weekend around Melbourne... Where will you be? Photos - Thank you to Simon Aubor and Caitlin O'Grady.

To see more of Simon Aubor and Caitlin O'Grady's work, get down to Tinning Street Presents tonight for Figure One Figure Two

89. 67simple reflection2photo - Simon Aubor


Knight Street Gallery in Footscray has a call out for submissions.  Check the link for details.

Warehouse Cinema short film competition is calling for submissions, entries close 10 May.

Cake wines is running Support the Support. Check out the link to find out how to secure yourself a free beverage.

Next Wave Festival ends this Sunday 11 May, there is sooooo much on this weekend, NO EXCUSES!

Beam Contemporary is showing Clare Rae’s MFA examination exhibition, until 10 May.

93.manican chairsPhoto - Simon Aubor


Tinning Street presents Figure One Figure two.  Simon Aubor's Mannequin Blues and Caitlin O'Grady's series, From Your Fragments I lie. Running from 6pm – 9pm.  This is going to be killer!  Don't believe me, think the image above is AMAZE? believe me now?

Counihan Gallery opens In your Dreams, a group show running from 6pm – 8pm, Brunswick.

The Human Rights Arts & Film Festival returns to Melbourne in its 7th year from 8 - 22May.  The opening film and after party are TONIGHT!

Metro Gallery opens Adnate's first solo exhibition Beyond the LandsThis will be super busy, so get in early and don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a squiz.

Edmund Pearce opens Kate Robertson’s show Celestial Body Model

Utopian Slumps opens Misha Hollenbach’s  Listen to mental (Radio)

FYFIL11Photo - Caitlin O'Grady


Chapman and Bailey Art Space opens, What was once yours is now mine - Murray Walker, The Reclaimer.  350 Johnston St Abbottsford

Strange Neighbour opens Field by Jon Butt.

Testing Grounds opens  METAMORPHOSIS from 6.30pm

000004Photo - Simon Aubor


Das Boot is on as part of Next Wave Festival at the Arts House Meat Market.  IF you like art and car boot sales then this is for you.

The Food Court opens Come as you are.  Sure the Docklands is not your usual Saturday night venue, but lets not get stuck in a rut.

Something happening that we don't know about (yet)?  Send us an email info@melbourneartsclub.com and tag your photos #melbartsclub

FYFIL1Photo - Caitlin O'Grady