Melbourne Arts Club’s ‘What’s On’ list of art stuff and other such things.

Words - Julia Howland

Photos - Courtesy of the gallery & J Forsyth


Thursday 23 April

Tinning Street opens Ross Vaughan's Nosebleed from 6pm. [Brunswick]

Leap over to the south side and check out Manyung Gallery for Belinda Rogers' A Treasured Place from 6pm. [Malvern]

Centre for Contemporary Photography is opening a big ass group show. Just get there. 6pm. [Fitzroy]

Stephen Baker gives us After Hours, at Modern Times from 6pm. [Collingwood]

BLINDSIDE opens Showstoppers 2015 with Matthew Linde's confessions of jealousy (and all the rest), from 6pm. [CBD]



Friday 24 April

The legends at Canary Press are launching issue 7! Drink up and hang with these cool cats from 7pm. [Brunswick]

CERES is having another screening of Deeping Listening: Dadirri, a documentary about land ownership and urban so-housing. Followed by a Q&A with Director Helen Lies and Aboriginal elder Dr. Doris Paton. From 7-9pm. [Brunwsick]

The artist collective The Fort have a killer group show, Girlhood, at the Union Hotel. Curated by Rebecca Kate, from 7pm. [Fitzroy]

The lovely babes at Daisylegs gives us a pretty righteous group show by Pea & Ham, Henry Neville Wood and WWZARD6 called Phos-Phainein. From 6pm. [South Yarra]

Phos Phainein

Saturday 25 April

ART PARTY 4! So many artists, so much fun! Get tickets fast! p.s. they're cheap. From 7pm. [Footscray]

Check out Bus Projects for a total electronic/experimental/atmospheric/conquest of music and video collaborations, by Forces and Dead Boomers. From 7pm. [Collingwood]

Sunday 26 April

Strange Neighbour joins forces with nonlinear to bring you a series of bi-monthly musical performances, 'live'. From 4-7pm. [Fitzroy]


Wreck Yo’Self

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