Melbourne Arts Club’s ‘What’s On’ list of art stuff and other such things.

Words – Julia Howland

Photos – Courtesy of the artist & Evan Merry


Random art stuff...

ARTIST CALL OUT! The annual Incinerator Art Award and Exhibition: Art for Social Change is asking for your submissions. Get them dollars guys!

Friday 26 June

Strange Neighbour: Eyes in Their Shoulders, Mouths in Their Chests by Adam Boyd. 6pm [Fitroy]

CAVES: U p a i t h r i c by Ann Debono. 6pm [CBD]

Brunswick Street Gallery: Drawing 2015, Olivia Bowman, Julia Lara, Simon Wilde, Andrew Duong, Chris Staring with heaps of other art legends showing off their goods. 6pm [Fitzroy]

Union Club Hotel: Places, a massive group show! 6.30pm [Fitzroy]

Melbourne Arts Club Gallery: Very Serious & Very Important by Aurora Campbell & Lish Barraud. 6pm [Preston]


Saturday 27 June

I LOVE CATS! And other animals of course. Animal Impressions 2015 is an auction and exhibition dedicated to taking care of those furry/feathery/scaley things we love so much. And with art! Yay! [CBD]


Next week art stuff...

Wednesday 1 July

Bus Projects: Curve Bananas by Clementine Edwards. 6pm [Collingwood]

Red Gallery: Grace Biles Dream Theory, Shirley Ploog Resilience, Elizabeth Farlie Tear. 6pm [North Fitzroy]


MAC Greta Parry-8

Wreck Yo’Self

We dare you.



And don’t forget, Melbourne Arts Club loves you xx