The YouTube Comment Orchestra at Melbourne Fringe Festival

Words - Kate Mackie & Julia Howland Photos - Courtesy of The Last Tuesday Society

Everyone has their own voice on YouTube. You can hide behind your not-so-clever username and say whatever you want to "bigboy69" because who cares, right? You'll never meet these people in real life. Maybe.

Batten_Bron 041E (1) - Version 2

Well The YouTube Comment Orchestra has brought your outlandish, usually holier-than-thou or dirtier-than-thou, comments to life and shows you just how ridiculous your "online presence" really is.

Also there's butts. And some sex stuff. We like those things.

Created by -  Richard Higgins and Bron Batten with The Last Tuesday Society.

Show -  The YouTube Comment Orchestra

Location -  Malthouse Theatre

Dates -  17 to 27 September @ 7pm